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Exploratory hike along the Foothills Trail from Gum Gap to Bursted Rock, December 6, 2016

These are pictures taken along the Foothills Trail that show where the firefighters back -burned along the trail. It was only burned on the SC side. The orange paint marks the state line at Slicking Gap. One picture shows what must have been a staging area and the beginning of the burn along the trail. The trail is much wider now. We made it to Bursted Rock overlook even though it had been raining for most of the hike so far. It quit raining there but the sun never came out. Table Rock is directly behind Tuckers head in the one photo. The ground was all black and certain trees (probably dead before the fire) and small vegetation was severely burned. We figured the leaves on the ground had fallen after the fire was out in this area. The fire must have traveled pretty fast evidenced by all the partial burns. The last photo with the large rock was in a back burn area and shows how nature can survive (The moss – not the rock! ha!)

Photography by Paula Swartz