Connestee Falls Hiking Challenge

Hike Connestee Challenge Button
Connestee Falls Hiking Challenge Button
  • The Connestee Falls Hiking Challenge is to hike all the trails in Connestee Falls.
  • The Challenge is open to all residents of Connestee Falls and their guests.
  • Hikes may be completed alone or with a guided group. If hiking with a guided group you MUST wear hiking boots.
  • There is no minimum or maximum time requirement to complete the challenge.
  • The Hiking Hints posted elsewhere on this website should be followed.
  • The Challenge Application form may be downloaded or obtained from Diana Grimm at the Wellness Center. Additional information and trail maps may be found on the Connestee Falls Hiking Trails page.
  • After hiking all the trails, your completed and signed application should be returned to Diana along with a $1 registration fee.
  • Upon receipt of the completed application a Hiking Challenge button and certificate will be awarded.